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Boston is one of the most remarkable, diverse, and vibrant metropolitan areas in the world. A center of both centuries-old history and cutting-edge progress, Boston blends the old and new in a way that few other cities can rival. Here you can explore the many facets of the Boston experience, as well as add what you know to the project. Enjoy! and Enjoy!

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Boston Wiki is a collaboration of Boston-lovers worldwide who seek to create the definitive online Boston encyclopedia. This site is a wiki, meaning anyone can edit it, including you! If you are new to wiki, read the Introduction to Wikipedia to get an idea of how the system works and how you can contribute!

All users should be aware of the rules of this wiki, outlined at the policy page. Current projects are listed at the Community Portal.

Boston Wiki currently has 60 articles. To see our most recent progress, check out Newest pages.

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Also, you can keep up-to-date with current events, including Wikimania which will be held near Boston this year.

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